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Lorena O'Neil

Multimedia journalist

I write, report, and photograph stories about culture, religion, social justice, politics, and the environment.

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The rock   instagram   jumanji  h   2016 article
Hollywood Reporter

9 Theories as to Why 'Jumanji' Has Actress Karen Gillan So Scantily-Clad

Maybe part of the plot involves setting the gender equality fight back 20 years?

Gettyimages 635472744 article
Hollywood Reporter

Laverne Cox: Trump Administration Revoking Protections for Transgender Students Is "Moving Backwards"

The actress calls the news "really devastating" and tells The Hollywood Reporter she feels like the government is "not acknowledging the humanity of trans people."

Oneil prince2ndline thr 7 resized article
Hollywood Reporter

Prince Second Line Parade in New Orleans Draws Thousands

The Treme neighborhood of New Orleans was a purple sea of parasols, balloons, wigs and boas on Monday night as thousands of people honored Prince with an exuberant "second line" parade.

Lefoutrini copy article
Hollywood Reporter

GLAAD President: 'Beauty and the Beast,' 'Power Rangers' LBGTQ Characters Are "a Good Place to Start"

Sarah Kate Ellis says that the public is "hungry for this content."

Commander in chief   24   veep   split   h   2016 article
Hollywood Reporter

A Closer Look at Female Presidents in Movies, TV

Geena Davis tells THR that Hollywood is "missing a tremendous creative opportunity" by not depicting more strong women as leaders of the U.S. onscreen. "I think we have a moral imperative now, after this election, to step it up."

Louisiana shooters 1 article
Hollywood Reporter

Days After 'Trainwreck' Tragedy, A Pro-Gun Town Grieves

"If somebody was armed, somebody could have taken action."

Tocando la luz article
Hollywood Reporter

Cuban Film Directors Speak About Overcoming Cultural Challenges

The New Orleans Film Festival (NOFF) is underway in Louisiana and one of its sidebars is "Cine Cubano," featuring six Cuba-centric films, many of which experienced cultural challenges during production.

Padma lakshmi connie britton and lea delaria split article
Hollywood Reporter

Women's March: Connie Britton, Padma Lakshmi, Lea DeLaria and More on Why They're Rallying

"The best thing you can do is not stay silent," says Lakshmi. "It's not just about saying what's wrong, but it's about saying what should be and what's right."

151105 0226 article
Hollywood Reporter

Geena Davis: Unconscious Bias Is Hurting Women in Hollywood

Davis talks to The Hollywood Reporter about gender equality, Hillary Clinton, Bradley Cooper and 'Frozen.'

Trainwreck poster article
Hollywood Reporter

Did the 'Trainwreck' Shooter Purposefully Target a Feminist Movie?

'Trainwreck' shooter John Russell Houser, a man known for his misogynistic comments in the media, wrote down the details of the movie screening in his journal prior to his attack.

Woman computer article
Hollywood Reporter

How Social Media Empowers Women

Social media and feminism have gone hand in hand this past year, with the rise of hashtag activism campaigns like #AskHerMore, #HeForShe, #YesAllWomen and #LikeAGirl.

142259 6380 h 2016 article
Hollywood Reporter

Nashville's Connie Britton: Tennessee Anti-LGBT Legislation Is "Un-American"

The actress says she won't "feel comfortable" filming in the state if the legislation becomes law.

Jennifer lawrence main a l article
Hollywood Reporter

Oscars Red Carpet 2015: Battle Lines Drawn Over Sexism and ...

An executive producer for E! red-carpet coverage and the creator of #AskHerMore weigh in on the questions asked of women at the Oscars.

Ted cruz ellen page split article
Hollywood Reporter

Ellen Page Confronts Ted Cruz About LGBT Discrimination

The duo got into a debate about religious liberty at the Iowa State Fair.

Connie britton article
Hollywood Reporter

Connie Britton Talks Importance of Feminism Amid Historic Election

"We have to be addressing this issue right now because look at how our humanity is being mangled in this election."