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Lorena O'Neil

Multimedia journalist

I write, report, and photograph stories about culture, religion, social justice, politics, and the environment.

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A Transgender Soldier Shares Her Story

"Ultimately, I'm not a transgender person who happens to be a soldier. I'm a soldier who happens to be transgender. I will always be a soldier first—until the day they tell me I no longer am a soldier."

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Mormon and Gay: When God and Your Relationship Are At Odds

For two young men in love in southern Utah, the Mormon Church's anti-LGBT policy was devastating enough. But when Church elders doubled down, they did, too.

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Marie Claire

She Survived the Louisiana Floods and a Husband Who Stabbed Her 42 Times

Domestic violence survivor Deborah Harris was just getting her life back on track when horror struck for a second time in one year.

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The Atlantic

How Post-Katrina New Orleans Strived to Become More Like Amsterdam

Meet David Waggonner: the urban and environmental architect who wants New Orleans to come to terms with the fact it is a delta city.

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The Spiritual Activist

Rabbi Debra Kolodny organizes queer clergy of different faiths around progressive issues, starting with Black Lives Matter.

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Marie Claire

Meet the Pro-Life Millennials

These young women identify as feminists and want to remove religion from the conversation around abortion.

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The Atlantic

The Link Between Natural Disasters and Domestic Abuse

“The woman’s family and friends are probably telling her, ‘You should just go back to your husband, at least his house is dry.’”

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Inside The Lives Of Syria's Disappeared Citizens

Rania al-Abbasi is just one of more than 65,000 enforced disappearances in Syria.

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Hollywood Reporter

9 Theories as to Why 'Jumanji' Has Actress Karen Gillan So Scantily-Clad

Maybe part of the plot involves setting the gender equality fight back 20 years?

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National Public Radio

Milwaukee finds a fix for stormwater overflows: Abandoned basements

Some basement flooding could become happy occurrences, if more cities walk in the watery footsteps of Milwaukee.

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Gay Conversion Therapy Survivor Speaks Out About Seven Years of Treatment

It began his junior year at Brigham Young University in Provo, Utah: Michael Ferguson wanted desperately to rid himself of the sexual feelings he had toward men.

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Hollywood Reporter

Laverne Cox: Trump Administration Revoking Protections for Transgender Students Is "Moving Backwards"

The actress calls the news "really devastating" and tells The Hollywood Reporter she feels like the government is "not acknowledging the humanity of trans people."

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Conservative feminists find their voice

The Independent Women's Forum takes on women's issues like the wage gap, health insurance and the Paycheck Fairness Act by writing for media outlets, making television appearances and publishing policy papers....

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Hebrew Roots rising: Not quite Christians, not quite Jews

Hebrew Roots followers believe in Jesus, keep kosher, celebrate Passover and observe the Torah....

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Catholicism and women: The winds of change

Pope Francis and the Catholic church takes some baby steps when it comes to role of women....