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Lorena O'Neil

Multimedia journalist

I write, report, and photograph stories about culture, religion, social justice, politics, and the environment.

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Australia's Muslim Power Couple

This young duo is building bridges between Islam and mainstream Australian society, all while staying blissfully married, raising two children and pursuing Ph.D.s.

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Will the 'Chained Wives' of Judaism Finally Be Released?

Hundreds of Orthodox Jewish women are denied religious divorce by their husbands, who hold them hostage in a relationship limbo that threatens their future. Here’s how this might be changing.

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A New Alternative to Jewish Circumcision

As circumcision rates decline in the United States, some Jewish families are finding alternative religious ceremonies to celebrate their baby boys.

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Gay Marriage Opponents Re-Focus Their Battle Strategy

The fight against LGBT rights is moving from legalizing gay marriage to protecting religious freedom. Arizona could be just the beginning.

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Not So Churchy: The Rev. Mieke Vandersall

Have you ever been to secret gay church camp? No? Well, you are missing out.

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Homicide Detective by Night, Artist by Day

Because Charlie Hoffacker straddles the worlds of murder and art to make us all think just a little bit deeper about what goes on around us every single day.

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Forgetting How to Speak Russian

How do you say “help” in Russian? Hint: Don’t ask a young Turkmenistani.

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Caitlin Ryan's Scientific Way to Reduce LGBT Teen Suicide | Rising ...

Meet the social worker who is using scientific data to improve the lives of LGBT youth.

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Ruddy Roye Wants You to Open Your Eyes

Instagram is not only about selfies and food porn. Photographer Radcliffe Roye is shining an iPhone spotlight on the underclass and streaming it into your social media feed.

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Pope Francis's Transformation Plan

Pope Francis + A New Type of Bishop = A Revitalized Catholic Church. With more than 1 billion Catholics in the world, this could have lasting international impact.

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A Renaissance Mayor: Mick Cornett

How often do you meet a man who can convince people to pay money for city improvement while simultaneously persuading them to lose weight? About as often as you find a TV sportscaster turned four-term mayor.

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The Unlikely Friendship of Rabbi Marc Schneier & Imam Shamsi Ali

As Israel and Palestine peace talks halt, these men want Muslims and Jews to remember that sometimes your most bitter enemy can become your most faithful friend.

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A Degree in Friendship

Freshman ladies, as you settle into college this fall, I’d like to offer up a humble piece of advice: Be on the lookout for your lifelong partners.

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Not All Death Is Created Equal | Fast Forward | OZY

The ethnic and religious divides in Moscow’s cemeteries may clue us in to national identity shifts in Russia’s capital city.

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Madam Cassie, Kink Teacher Extraordinaire

There’s more to kinky sex than what you’ve read in Fifty Shades of Grey, and Cassie Fuller is ready and willing to tell you all about it.